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Loving Louis // Version 1.0 // Amethest

Home of the Beautiful One

The Do Me Louis Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome Stranger to our humble community...

Hello there, some how you've stumbled accross the Do Me Louis fan community for the Beautiful Immortal Louis De Pointe Du Lac. Proud member of do_me_cliques.

Requirements(and/or Rules)...

1.You must love Louis and every fiber of his being.

2.You must be shameless in your adoration for Louis. Whether you liked the movie or The Books or you just think Brad Pitt is sexy show it off. Be obssesive... but not possesive o.O

3. Absolutely NO flaming of other members or of the comunity. Violation of this rule will not be tolerated.

4. All pictures that are larger than 200x200 must be placed in an Lj cut. If you have Icons to showcase please only put 1-3 of your icons in the post and place the rest, again, behind an Lj cut. This is only to keep the community nice and spam free;).


Should you choose not to follow these rules (accept the first two, those where just for fun;)), there will be serious consequences:

Strike 1...

A warning

Strike 2...

You will be Temporarily kicked out. In a month or so you will be allowed to re-submit, on perole(durng the first two weeks you will be watched and if we find you are up to your old tricks out ya go!)

Strike three... Your out!

You will be permanently banned from re-submission and your name will be put on a list that I will send to my affiliates, so they might be careful about letting you join them

Now that we've got all that ugly stuff out of the way, how bout you join us!

So your here, at the bottom of the Info, you made it. I hope you choose to respect our rules and most of all have fun posting at our community!:D

Bye bye

~Chance Moody~